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My Personal Journey to Learn Astrology

I tried for three years using the best book to learn astrology. After several years of struggle to learn astrology, I went to four different gurus to get initiated into astrology. I couldn't find the best book to learn astrology for beginners years ago. I would have bought over a hundred books that people thought as good books to learn astrology. In fact, I was recommended KP Readers from I to VI as the finest set of books on astrology. I found the books to be complicated and difficult to get initiated for a beginner such as me.

I head some good books exist in Hindi. I do not know Hindi.
I picked up what was touted to the best book to learn astrology in tamil. I know Tamil. I still couldn't get astrology into my brain easily. I would learn a few lessons from a book and I would think I got the hang of astrology. A few questions from my wife and I would get totally confused.

I thought the best place to learn astrology is in Chennai with the family of Professor K S Krishnamurti. I tried to learn from his first son and made some progress. I met his second son and started making huge progress in becoming an astrologer.

Today, I believe that the best way to learn astrology is to have well made videos and facilitated learning by a trained astrologer. Hence, I created https://LearnAstrologyOline.in as a go to resource for aspiring astrologers.

People often ask me, 'Can anyone learn astrology?' I think so. Anyone with a simple learning ability, a grip on the basics of mathematics and trignometry and easily learn astrology. You do not need to have any special faculty to learn astrology. I am a proof of it. I used to ask myself, 'Can I learn astrology online?' If so, what do will I expect to have. My effort to create a course stemmed from the unfulfilled need to have a well made online resource that teaches astrology in a simplified manner.

One of my own family members asked me during the initial days of my exploration into the astrology world, 'Murali, Can you learn astrology?' There is a reason why they asked me this question. I used to be a such a rebel and put down astrology publicly as a pesudo science and an unproven concept. My wife's professional life situations needed me to learn astrology. I ventured into boldly to see if there is any logical basis. I needed an easy way to learn astrology. My wife asked me, 'Can you learn astrology in college?' I thought it would be a waste of time to do a diploma or a degree course in astrology. So, I asked myself how can I learn astrology without having to lose years of my life.

I obviously did not much time to do a gurukulam training either. So the obvious question was how can I learn astrology on my own with probably books and astrology lessons on youtube. I tried earnestly. I even purchased a video course on astrology and paid a hefty amount.

I spent several days watching and rewatching astrology lessons on videos from the DVD course I bought online. Little by little I started to make progress. At the rate in which I was progressing in a snail pace, my son would often wonder how long does it take to learn astrology. I thought I could learn in less than six months. I couldn't. It took me nearly three and a half years to actually learn the system reasonably well before I could start predicting.

I now think that three plus years was too long to study astrology. If only I had found a good resource online, I would have become proficient in astrology a long time ago.

After becoming an Astrology master myself and accurately giving prediction to my loved ones, friends, family and occasional clients in astrology, I became interested in teaching astrology.

Covid19 pandemic led me to start to teach astrology online so that people who are searching how to learn astrology and that too how to learn astrology at home can easily approach me and I could teach them astrology through videos, live classes, quizzes, assignments and facebook and whatsapp groups. I boldly ventured into teaching astrology online.

My first goals was to show how to learn astrology for beginners. In fact my first few sessions/classes was for people who were looking for how to learn astrology for free. Covid19 forced people to discover how to learn astrology free online. I found them to be the best students to start teaching astrology to.

I took out my mobile camera and used a screen recording software and a decent collar microphone and started shooting lessons on astrology in Tamil. In fact, my first student asked me how to learn astrology in tamil. So, I set recording my lessons so that I could easily satisfy the need for student on how to learn astrology in tamil for free.

Sometimes in the middle of 2020, I put together the LearnAstrologyOnline.in website and launched my online course. Over a 100 students joined in a hurry to my first batch. It encouraged me to keep recording and even start to help on how to learn astrology online through live classes. I found Zoom as a great tool that could not only help to conduct classes but also record the session and automatically make it available in the learning management system that runs my astrology school. I was pumped and excited by the success of Tamil Astrology classes online.

My next goal was to teach astrology in English so that people who are looking for how to learn astrology in English can find a competent resource online to learn from. I recorded a few lessons on simplified astrology. Mostly though, I prepared some notes about fundamentals of astrology and put together a course.

I had gained confidence in me to conduct live classes in astrology online in English thanks to my experience in teaching astrology online in Tamil to my Tamil speaking students. Finally, by third quarter of 2020 I launched a self-paced online course in English that can satisfy your thirst on how to learn astrology on your own with proper facilitation from me as a facilitator in astrology.

The course has helped several of my students on how to learn astrology quickly. The course provides step by step instruction how to learn astrology, basic astrology, and advanced astrology.

Specifically I help students to learn KP astrology. I found KP Astrology to be the most accurate system and an extremely simple system to learn. You can start learning astrology by studying to learn zodiac signs, stars, houses, and planets.

Do not worry your head thinking, 'Is it bad to learn astrology?' I assure you that it is good to learn astrology. Astrology has helped my family, friends, clients and me immensely to take proper guidance and decisions.

Is it hard to learn astrology? Not at all. Prof. KS Krishnamurthi has made astrology simply. Prof. KS Hariharan, his son, has made it even more simple. I believe I have attempted to teach astrology in a simplified manner through the online course I have put together.


How to Learn Astrology?

There are three methods to learn astrology.
1. Find text books. Self-study. Learn by failing often. It takes a long time to do it. I first tried to learn on my own. I realized how difficult it is to learn it by oneself. I don't want you to make the mistake of learning it by yourself. Astrology is hard. You require proper initiation by a learned master.

2. Find a master and learn in person. With Covid19 and a new normal, this option is less attractive. Luckily, now you have internet learning platforms such as Learn Astrology Online

3. Find a learning platform and e-learn Astrology. I have evaluated several Astrology courses and decided to create one by myself. Learn Astrology Online is a baby born out of love of teaching for me. It is an online school where we have
1) Learn astrology using videos
2) Learn using downloadable astrology materials
3) Learn Astrology through live classes
4) Learn through quizzes
5) Learn in online classes
6) Learn in a facebook group through trained astrologers
7) Learn in astrology whatsapp groups

How long does it take to learn astrology?

If you spend an hour a day or about five to seven hours a week, you can learn fundamentals of astrology in about six to eight weeks. You can become a master in astrology in about 20 weeks.

Where to start learning astrology?

You can start with the astrology foundation course in Learn Astrology Online.

How to learn astrology in Kannada?

I do not know Kannada. Hopefully, one day we will add Kannada classes in Learn Astrology Online platform.

How can we learn astrology?

If you have a mobile phone and a curious mind to learn and a bit of English or Tamil, you can easily Learn Astrology through online courses here at Learn Astrology Online School with me

How to learn astrology step by step?

Sign up for foundation course. I will guide you step by step as follows:

Introduction to Astrology
What is Astrology?
Learn the Branches of Astrology
Learn about 9 Planets and its significance
Learn about 27 Stars in Astrology
Learn The KP Astrology System
Learn how Planet acquires the Qualities of the Star Lord in Astrology
Learn Astrological Sign Lordship
Learn if Planets Exaltation & Debilitation is meaningful in Astrology
Learn about Zodiac Signs & Their Characteristics
Learn about 9 Planets & Their Characteristics
Learn about Sun
Learn about Moon
Learn about Mars
Learn about Mercury
Learn about Jupiter
Learn about Venus
Learn about Saturn
Learn about Rahu & Ketu
Learn Simplified KP Astrology Rules
Learn about Rules
Learn 12 Bhavas or Houses & Their Characteristics
Learn about Lagna Bhava
Learn about Second Bhava
Learn about Third Bhava
Learn about Fourth Bhava
Learn about Fifth Bhava
Learn about Sixth Bhava
Learn about Seventh Bhava
Learn about Eighth Bhava
Learn about Ninth Bhava
Learn about Tenth Bhava
Learn about Eleventh Bhava
Learn about Twelfth Bhava
Planets in Bhavas Signification
How to Understand Planets in Bhavas?
Learn when Sun Signifying 12 Bhavas
Learn when Moon Signifying 12 Bhavas
Learn when Mars Signifying 12 Bhavas
Learn when Mercury Signifying 12 Bhavas
Learn when Jupiter Signifying 12 Bhavas
Learn when Venus Signifying 12 Bhavas
Learn when Saturn Signifying 12 Bhavas
Learn when Rahu & Ketu Signifying 12 Bhavas
Learn about Benefics & Malefics in Planets
How to Identify Benefics & Malefics?
Learn about Ruling Planets
What are Ruling Planets?
How to identify Fruitful Ruling Planets?
Learn the Simplified RP Prediction Methods
Quickly Learn Shortcut Prediction Methods

How to learn astrology in Marathi?

I do not know Marathi. Hopefully, one day we will add Marathi classes in Learn Astrology Online platform

How to learn astrology in Telugu?

I do not know Telugu. Hopefully, one day we will add Telugu classes in Learn Astrology Online platform

How to learn astrology in Bengali?

I do not know Bengali. Hopefully, one day we will add Bengali classes in Learn Astrology Online platform.

Who can learn astrology?

Anyone can learn astrology. All you require is a bit of reading and understanding knowledge on English or Tamil and high school knowledge on Mathematics.

How can learn astrology in Hindi?

I do not know Hindi. Hopefully, one day we will add Hindi classes in Learn Astrology Online platform.

Where can I learn astrology?

You can learn at the comfort of your home. You do not need to travel anywhere. Video recorded sessions are available online always. You can watch them at any time. Live classes happen usually over weekends. You can attend at your convenience. If you miss the online classes, do not fret. Live class recordings will be available in the course as soon as the class is over

How to learn astrology online?

Sign up for your course. The website will guide you step by step. If you wish to have personalized coaching, you can send an email to astro@krishmuralieswar.com after signing up. I will be happy to give you personal coaching for the initial few days without any additional cost.

Why learn astrology?

To become a millionaire, you need luck. To become a billionaire, you need astrology. Astrology helps you to precisely plan your actions according to the planetary movements. It helps you to predict your success and reduce risk of failures.

Why use astrology?

Astrology is useful in predicting the following:

Physical stature, Colour, Form and Shape, Constitution, Health Vitality Vigour, Habit of thinking, Natural disposition, Tendencies, Personality, Struggle for Life, Success or failure, of attempts, Honour, Dignity, Life in a foreign country, Gambling with other's mo;iey, Gains and Profits to younger brother, Patrimony of mother. Prosperity - General well being - Head and upper parts of face. - virtues - longevity and age - suffering - Name, fame reputation - higher studies - Long journey - Children's contact with stranger - Children in Hostels - Danger to maternal uncle - Demise of Partner father’s speculations - Elder Brothers - Neighbour and his short journey.

Money matters, fortune, Profit, Gain or Loss. One's poser and resources, Worldly attainments, Possession of extrinsic value. Jewellery and precious stones and Metals, Documents and Bonds. Securities, Stocks and Shares, Promissory Notes, Mortgages, Banks Balance, Negotiable Assets,Ability to express his/her thoughts. Second marriage, Vision on the -power of observations, Right eye., Memory, Miserliness, Liberality, Oratorical ability, Gold and Silver, Corns, Cereals, Close dependent, Ruby, Minerals, Purchas,.. of House lard, Vehicle by elder brother. Imagination - Nails, Tongue., Nose, Teeth, Cheeks and Chin - Protection of family members Law suits - Extravagant -Economical- Loans - Money lent or borrowed - Death of natives- Nation s wealth- Revenue - Banking activities - Money of the querist - truth or falsehood - Garments- Copper - Diamond and Pearl - Gem trade - Soft in speech. Effort to acquire wealth - Loss to younger brother and his changes - Mother's gain. Professional success to children - Rank and Position -Long journey to maternal uncle - Danger to Partner - Share of Profits to the Partner - Father's common diseases.

Mental inclination and ability, Memory, Intelligence, Inclination to study, Courage, Valour, Heroism, Younger brother, sister and cousins, Neighbours, Short travel, Vehicles, correspondence, Letters, Papers, writings, Accounting, Mathematics,communications, Post Office, Letter Box, Telephones, telegraphs, Teleprints, Arms. Nervous systems, Neighbouring countries, Treaties, Female Servant, Fruits. Television - Telecommunication - Radio news - Signals - Airmail Messengers Mediators- Publicity Officer - Reporter - Editor - Information Officer - Journalist change of residence - Restlessness - Library - Book-Store - Bargain - Signature - Signing of contracts of Agreements - Rumours - Carrying tales - Hands - Throat - Shoulder blade .Collar bones - Confused mind - Eating good food - Partition of properties - Edible roots.

Mother, Ones house or residence, Domestic environment, Grave, Private affairs,secrets and Secret life, Vehicles, fields, Pastures; farms, Orchards, Mines, Real Estates, Gardens, Public Buildings, Ancient dwellings, Monuments and antiques, Agriculture, Learning. Boats - Small wells - Water.- Milk - Trusts - False allegations Tent - Pavillion -Pond - mansion - art - entrance of a house - Place where stolen property is kept - Vedic and Secret texts - Herbs - hereditary properties and treasures - Schools and Colleges.

Progeny, Inclination, Pleasure, Society with taster and fancies. artistic talents, Gains to Partner and his luck, Recreation, entertainment, amusements, Sports and Games. Romance and similar interests, Cinema, Drama, Opera, Dance &. Music, Banquet, Merriments and amusements, Playing Cards, Crossword puzzles, Dice. Horse racing, Liaison with courtesan - chanting of mantras and spiritual practice. Lottery - Gambling or betting - stock Exchange - Love affairs - courtships -Licentiousness - Rape and kidnap - Envoys - Ambassadors - Morale - Mechanical art -discretion - discrimination between Good and Bad; Chanting of vedic hymns - religious mind - good learning and wisdom - Enormous riches - Festive occasion - Full satisfaction.

House of sickness, Disease, Nourishing food, Dietary habits, Service of exhaustion, Employees, Subordinates or Servants, Debt or borrowings, Pet animals, small cattle, tenants; enmity, dress and Hygiene, Sanitation, Herbs, Food and Clothing, Success in competition, Obstacle in undertakings, Maternal Uncle, Insanity, Miserliness, Anxieties. Frequent eye. troubles - Untimely meals - theft - calamity - Prisons - Industries -Sanitation and Public Health - Purchase or sale of vehicles by younger brother or sister Mother's short journey - Bank position and profession of the first child - Loss to Partner - investment or Purchases made by Partner - secret enemies of Partner - Father's occupation or business - danger to elder brother.

Legal wife, Legal Bondage, Mix-up freely in society, Break of journey, Danger to life, Description of the thief, foreign affairs and war, Public Meetings, Servants' money. Adopted child, Death and difficulties. Business Partner - Contact with Public - Fines - Contracts - Influence in foreign country, honour and reputations there - recovery of lost property - Internal relations -International Trade - Open warfare - Mother's property and vehicle - Danger by secret. enemy - father's friends and partnership with them.

Longevity, Span of life. House of death, Inheritance, Legacies,Wills and Insurance, Gratuity, Natural death, drowning fire accident or suicide, Mystery, Misfortune, Misery, Sorrow, Worries and privations, Delay and dejection, Defeat and disappointment, Loss and obstruction,. Blame and ill repute, Accident, Danger from animal, National Export & import, travel,territory of another country, Interest Rates, Estate Duty, Insured money of the deceased, sufferings caused by enemies, Lottery, Gains to mother. Wrong actions - Theft and Robbery - Seize of a Fort and fighting - Dowry - unearned wealth - Share of profit - Surgeons - Medical Officers - Health Inspectors- slaughter Houses - Butchers - Public Morality - Death rate - Flood and Fire - Famines -Epidemics- Diseases - Earthquakes - National Calamity or grief - Financial relations with foreign countries - Surrender or loss - Public Loan and Debts - Deficit Budget - Public - sales-difficulties in journeys - Corruption - Prize Bond or speculations.

Faith and Wisdom, Divine worship, Philosophy and Religion, Devoted and Religious, Orthodox, Meditation, Intuition and fore-thought, Research and Invention, Father & Guruji, teaching of Dharma, Communications with Spirits; Publishing books of intrinsic value, Devotion to God, Universities. National Trade Import and. Export. Radio,Vedic sacrifice, Penance, Mythology, Coronation Hall, Wells, Lakes, Taas, short journeys, Speculative gains and Pleasure of Children, Younger brother's wife. Temples, Churches, Mosques - Places of worship - Spiritual welfare - Pilgrimage, circular Reservoir - Sacrifice and Charity - Discovery and exploration - Legal arbitration -Dreams and Visions - Long journeys by Air, Land and Sea - Internal affairs - Legal Departments - Emigration and immigration Department - Communication, Cables and ,wireless - Clarity of mind - Good conduct - Horses, Elephants and buffaloes - Circulation of money - Water Sheds, Monetary vows and Pilgrimage - Servants vehicle and Prosperity - Mother's illness - Elder brothers and friends.

Profession and Status. Honour and dignity, Public name and fame, Power and Prestige, Credit and Conduct, Rank and Success, Respect and Reputation, Ambition and Authority, Worldly activities, responsibilities, Permanency, Promotion, Progress, appointments, Business and occupation, Karmasthana and last rites to parents, Religious functions, Employer & Master, Judge and Government, Pilgrimage to Holy places Owners and Trainers of Horses, Head of State, Father's property, Permanent possessions or Vehicle of Partner, Sickness to children, Enemies of mother. Government Honours, Seal of authority - Horse riding - Athletics - Service and Sacrifice - Agriculture - Doctor - Talisman - Morality - Medicines - Prosperity - Adopted child - Teaching mantras - Rain - Retirement - Power of learning - Articles stolen by thieves - Judges and Stewards - President in Race clubs - National Leaders - National Trade - Maraka of Parents - Pleasurable pursuit of servants - Debts, Litigations and Danger to younger brothers - Elder brother loss and obstacles.

Friends, Society and Community, Favourites, Flatterers, Admirers, Advisors, Associates, Supporters, Well-wishers, Close acquaintances, Hopes and wishes, Aspirations and ambitious, Fulfilments of desires, Success in all attempts, Foreign collaboration, Election, Litigation, Speculations, Writings, Wealth and Profit, Incoming wealth, Principal & Interest, Pleasure and Prosperity, Profits and Progress, Peace of mind, Ornaments, Decoration, Sovereign, Money, Son-in-law or Daughter-in-law, Parliament, Legislative Assembly, Corporation, Municipal Bodies, District Boards and Panchayats, Government Policies and Plannings, International relations, Gains through correspondence, Pleasurable pursuits of Partner, Recovery from illness, Opposition to children, Danger to younger brother, Long journey, Freedom from misery and relief from pain, Discharge from Hospital. Partnership - Permanent tie of friendship - Unconventional activities - Elder brother - Trust - Cure from diseases - Left ear and hands - Right foot - Influence - Paternal uncle - Devotion to God - Luck - Easy gains - Brother-in-law; - Mother's longevity - Knee cap - happy news - Dawn of fortune - Ministership Badhakasthana for Chara Lagna borns - Knowledge - Income - Houses - Elephants - Vehicles, Chariots - Furniture - Exchange amenities - Co- operative Stores and Societies - Stewards and cl Committee under them in Horse racing - Number of the Winner in Horse racing - Government Loans - Electric Companies- Gas - Museum - Agriculture - Estates - Irrigation - Silk - Father's short journey - Birth of children - Speculation - Victory. over enemies.

Loss and Impediments; Restraint and Limitation, Wastes and extravagance, Expenses, Drudgery and Deception, Purchases and Investments, Donations and Charity, Philanthropic, Institution, Separation from family, Far off places, Sorrow and sin, Sedition and segregation, Obstacles and Impediments, Misery and Misfortune, Poverty and Persecution, Intrigue and Imprisonment, Secret toil of mind, Fear and Inferiority complex, Success in Occult affairs, Danger from animals, Success in a foreign land, Aid from charitable Institutions, Banished persons, Malfactors, Lost goods never recovered, -Disobedient people, Hidden side of life, Sound sleep, Mental pain and agitation, Feet and left eye, Fear from enemies; Amputation, Bodily injury and harm, Wretchedness,imprisonment, Anger, Termination of job, Comfort of bed, Unexpected demands, Spies, Secret and and Occult Societies, Vehicles, Sickness to wife, Mother's long journey. Solitude and Secrecy - Silent suffering and self undoing - Greatest self-sacrifice Jealous and social barriers-- unexpected troubles - Secret Plots and Schemes - Conspiracy and cunningness - envy and Malice - Fraud and Treachery - suicide - Murder Exile and Extradition - Mystery and Psychic research - investigation = Detective work Confinement in Hospital - Nefarious ,activities - scandals - disgrace and secret pain -Invention of chemical process - Laborious. work - Pressure of money - Uncommon expenses - gift - Charity, Donation - Jails and Asylums- Invalid and Prisoner-Sanatorium - Nursing Home - Mental Hospitals - Life in a foreign country - Trials and Tribulations - Arson, Loot, Rape - Sorrow and self undoing poisoning - Boot-legging - smuggling and Black-mailing - Restrictions to Horse owner - Restrictions and fines on Jockeys - Fraud and Deceptive action - Treason and Assassination - Charitable Institutions - Crime in general - Underground activities - Father - Permanent possession - Danger to children - Younger brother's job and prosperity.

Where to start studying astrology?

Foundation Astrology Course is the starting point for studying astrology. Once you sign up, write to astro@krishmuralieswar.com to set up the first learning session over a video call. I will get you started with personal coaching.

How long does it take to study astrology?

In about three months you can get a strong fundamentals on astrology. In about 5 to 6 months you can become an advanced astrologer through my coaching online.

How to learn astrology on your own?

I tried learning astrology on my own for about three years. It was a hard struggle for me. I wouldn't recommend it. If you insist to learn, then you can buy KP Readers from I to VI and start with the books. I must caution you that it is extremely heard to learn on your own.

Where to learn astrology in Chennai?

My teacher Prof. K. S. K. Hariharan, son of Prof. K. S. Krishnamurthi is the best teacher on the planet on learning astrology in person in Chennai.

Where to learn astrology in Pune?

You can contact Prof. K. S. K. Hariharan in Chennai. He often travels to Mumbai and Pune.

Can you learn astrology in college?

No. Unfortunately KP Astrology is not taught in colleges. Traditional Indian Astrology system does not measure up to the KP System of Astrology which is the world's most advanced stellar astrology. KP System has been giving me accurate results.

How can I learn astrology online in Hindi?

I do not know Hindi. Hopefully, we will add KP Astrology online course in Hindi soon.

Where to learn astrology in Bangalore?

I live in Bangalore. I prefer teaching over the internet due to its convenience.

Where to learn vedic astrology?

I do not recommend Vedic Astrology as the results are not accurate.

Where to learn KP astrology?

Learn Astrology Online is the best source to learn KP Astrology online.

Is it hard to learn astrology?

No. It is not hard. It is quite easy. I have tried to make it as easy as possible for anyone to learn astrology.

Why learn vedic astrology?

I do not recommend you learn Vedic Astrology. It can be really hard to learn and predictions go wrong most of the time because Vedic system using Zodiacs and Planets for predictions. They do not consider stars, star lords and sub lords, which are more powerful and offer accurate results. KP Astrology alone can help you with accurate results.

Should I learn astrology?

Yes. It will help you to succeed in all spheres in life.

Can anyone learn astrology?

Yes. Anyone can learn astrology.

Where to learn astrology in Mumbai?

Prof. K. S. K. Hariharan often comes to Mumbai. Contact him.

How can I learn astrology in Urdu?

I do not know Urdu. I do not know any competent master in Astrology to teach in Urdu.

Where to learn astrology in Delhi?

Prof. K. S. K. Hariharan often comes to Delhi. Contact him.

Where to learn astrology in India?

Learn Astrology Online is a good starting point to learn at the comfort of your home in India to learn astrology.

Can I learn astrology online?

Yes. You can learn astrology online in this website. I am available over video calls to give you personal coaching.

How to learn astrology in Tamil?

I teach Astrology in Tamil in this website. Check the courses.

How can I learn astrology on my own?

With my help and facilitation, you can easily learn astrology without much effort. Sign up and start classes.


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