KP Astrologer Qualifications

by Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti

Tue Jun 22, 2021

Astrologer Qualifications from Sage Varahamihira

The sage Varahamihira says as an Astrologer qualifications; "An astrologer should come from a noble family, should be good to look at, modest in temperament, true, impartial, and with good physique. He has to be active and courageous. He should be clear in his statement, witty, sincere, and free from vices.He should have no stage-fear. He should worship Devas; observe fast and penance; and must be conversant with astronomy and astrology. In the astronomical science, there are five schools of thought in India: (1) Paulisa, (2) Rom aka Siddhanta, (3) Vasishta. (4) Saura and (5) Paitamaha. The astrologers should be through with all the Siddhantas. He must be able to understand the objections and points of differences".

He assures that when an astrologer has thoroughly understood the mathematical portion and has acquired the sound principles of astrology, his predictions and teachings will never fail.

He asks "How could one who has not understood the spirit of the Sastras, be called an astrologer?" and adds that he is only a fool whose interpretation if just opposite to the principles expounded by our sages and commits mistakes in his calculations. Varahamihira admits "It is easy for anybody to cross a sea if the breeze is favourable. But it is not possible for a person, who is not a safe to reach the other shore of the ocean or astrology".

Varahamihira opines that even sages in forests, free from domestic worry, pride and prejudice, welcome the astrologer and without hesitation take interest in astrology when they, by chance, meet any wise astrologer.

Advice to Administrator about Astologers

He advice the Kings that just as the night does not shine without a lamp and the sky without the Sun, so also the King cannot unformally have a smooth life. He warns that the Kings will have pitfalls even like a blind pedestrian, if he has no astrologer to guide him properly, well in advance.

Varahamihira reiterates thus : "Therefore a King, who desires to maintain fame and enjoy an all-round success, must engage the services of a few leading astrologers who are not only versatile but also clever, well-versed and skilled in this science of prognostication".

He turns to the people of the nation and goes to the extent of saying. "One who is longing for peace and prosperity should avoid living in a place where no astrologer is available" even as Owaiyar said "Don't live in a place where there is no temple". Varahamihira fears that a King who does not patronise such astrologer, who satisfy these qualifications, will surely come to grief and will be denied mental solace.

Varahamihira encourages and cheers up such astrologers saying that no man or woman who studies the science, of astrology and divines the course of destiny will be seen in Hell. In this world, by Hell we mean the worry, anxiety, disharmony, depression, disappointment and no ray of hope for redemption. After death none knows what Hell is. It may be again a rebirth to suffer further. Thus astrology does contribute beneficial effects to one and all including the astrologer: in whichever caste or creed the astrologer may be born, it does not matter, he is honoured.

Varahimihira says that the Yavanas were of low birth. When astrology had come to stay with them, they were adored.

Even now, if astrologers of their standard were available, they will be honoured as astrologers, and they can gain much influence and render real assistance to all those who approach them even as a river in space can quench the thirst of the human beings, animals, birds, aquatics, plants, trees, etc. But a quack is like a deep and dangerous river putting an end to the life of one by wetting the banks dragging him to the depth, immersing him to the bottom, keeping him there itself for some time, and finally lifting him up to float, dead.

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KP Astrologer Qualification

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