Astrology is True

Astrology is true. Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti walks you through historical evidence to prove that astrology is true. Read along.

Fri Jun 4, 2021

When did True Astrology Originate?

The history of astrology begins with creation itself. Sage Garga says that the science was propounded by the Creator Himself and that Brahma handed it down to him at the time of creation. From Garga, other sages got it and it was spread all over. It appears to have evolved with that of the Earth.

Who was the World's First Astrologer according to Western Astrology?

In Western Countries there is a certain belief that Seth (3,769 BC) was the world's first astrologer. This can be inferred from the astrological books written later by Arabic, Egyptian, Jewish and Persian writers. Westerners believe that Seth was the first person to study the Planets, their motion and their pathway. It is he who divided the Zodiac into twelve equal parts, as he found that the Sun ever follows a particular path in the Heavens, year after year, and he also noticed that this circular route of the Sun was spaced out by twelve full moons. Full moon occurs once a month. Therefore the Sun's path is divided into 12 equal parts called 'Mazzaroth' which terms we designate as 'Signs', 'Rasis' or Solar mansions.

Belief in Astrology Started with the Golden Age of Astrology

Around 2,600 years ago, the priests and the shepherds of Chaldea took this science for serious study and developed it. Their period was called the Golden Ages of Astrology, because they connected the movements of the planets with all kinds of events in human life. As Chaldeans' astrological predictions started to come true belief in astrology began to spread around Chaldea (later known as Mesopotamia and now Syria).

How Ancient Form of Astrology developed in Europe?

Dr. Thompson says that the Akkadina and the Sumarians observed the heavens and heavenly bodies and tried to note their courses. The Babylonians and the Egyptians attributed some influence over the animate and inanimate objects on the earth. Astrology was popular and it wielded great influence over the rich, the priests, the princes and the kings. Maspero said, that, in his time, the mistress of the world was Astrology.

Some are of the opinion that Astrology has its origin in Chaldea from time immemorial. They suggest that the very name Chaldean means 'Astrologer'. The Pythogoreans further advanced the concepts of the chaldeans. They applied higher mathematics. Later, astrology came into the hands of the Greeks. They concentrated more on Natal Astrology, as they had a deep-rooted religion nature and an enquiring mind. They always posed the questions: "Who am I? Why am I born? What for do I live? Why are there so much of inequalities in life?" They had the answers only through astrology.

Many of the records of the early astrologers of Nineveh and Babylon are found among the early tablets in the British Museum. Some of their findings are dated nearly 5,000 years ago.

The Truth behind Celestial Bodies were studied by the Ancients

The Greeks were also enthusiastic in following astrology. They erected the horoscope for the time of birth and presaged the finance, family, fate, fortune, and future of the individuals. One of the Greek horoscopes written in Papyrus about 2,000 years ago is kept in the British Museum. The chaldeans who practised this art of Astrology were held in high esteem at the time of Alexander the Great.

The Egyptians were equally interested in Astrology, which played an important role. They were also responsible for shaping the future of the nation. As can be seen from the monuments, the inscriptions and modern investigations, this science dates back to 5,000 B.C. The Pharaohs gave much respect to the astrologers of whom Babilus was the leader. He was always conulted and the duty of Babilus was to find out the charts of those who might perchance gain power, become a rival and create trouble to the emperor. Whenever Babilus foresaw any such native, he informed the king, who put such people to death. Pharaohs had faith in their astrologers. Often they were consulted to interpret the dreams of the kings.

Persians, Spaniard, & North Africans Studied the Astrological Sign

In Persia, the kings honored the astrologers for their sound knowledge of this science. It is only Gjamasp otherwise as 'Al Hakim' (meaning Learned), an astrologer in Persian court who precisely predicted the time of birth of the Prophets.

The Saracens spread the Science in Spain in 711 A.D. and the North Africans, the Moors, in 1,237 carried the science to Europe.

Dr. Brewster admits that in China about 2,752 B.C. from the days of King Fohi, they developed astronomy solely for studying astrology; and emperors were chosen according to the profound knowledge possessed by them in astrology. In 2,513 B.C. Chenu was elected as the King in that manner.

Alexander the Great Employed an Astrologer to Study the Birth Chart

Whenever Alexander the Great went out, he took with him the astronomer Calisthenis in all his campaigns. He spread the birth chart science in the East by giving out some of the rational methods adopted there and his visit to India hand helped him to learn more and develop it further in his country.

Henry Cornelius Agrippa, born in 1486, was the astrologer to Francis I of France when he was 38 years old. John Doe was the favourite astrologer of Queen Elizabeth. Albu Mezar of Bulah was the professor of Mundane Astrology at Bagdad. The caliph Mammonatrasheed translated many ancient astrological works into Arabic.

Thus, every nation is to be credited with the knowledge of the science. It is advisable to learn the experience and findings of research workers who had contributed to the technique of correct prediction.

Professional Astrologer & Others Who Studied the Star Signs

Let me mention the names of a few foreigners who have contributed to the development of this science. They were not only scholars in Astrology but were renowned and reputed Astronomers, Historians, Philosophers, Physicians and Poets.

Astronomers: Ptolemy, Galileo, Newton, Pythogoras, Kepler, Copernicus.
Astrologers: Alan Leo, Sepharial, Dr. W.J. Tucker, George, Llewellyn, Hayden, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim, William Joseph Simmonite, Max Heindel, Charles E.O. Carter, Julia Parker, Morirus, Maurice, Sibley, Wemyss, W. Lily, Culpeter, Boreham, Robon, Newton.

Historians: Diodorus, Coley, Pabwal, Maximus, Josephus, Plutarch, Camden, Heroditus.

Philosophers: Lilly, Macrobius, Aristotle, Bacon, Thales, Pliny, Anasagoros, Pliny, Ptolemy.

Physicians: Hypocrates, Foster, John Dee, Gilber, Partridge, Agrippa, Starkey

Poets: Hypocractes, Foster, Galen, John Dee, Gilbert, Partride, Agrippa.

Indian Sage Garga and the Celestial Bodies

In India, it is said that it was the sage Garga who handed down the Science of Astrology Predictions to his disciples. Further, there are recorded evidence that Yavanas were very learned astrologers and that they lived many centuries before Varahamihira, who admired, in his text books, the progress made by the Yavanas in this Science. Yavanas have contributed much for the development of this Science in India. There are records to show that around 3,102 B.C the Tirvalore Tables were used solely for astrological purposes to study personality traits.

Belief in Astrology Grew with Ancient Greats

The following list furnished the names of a few renowned Indian scholars who expounded, explained and interpreted this true science of Sun Sign and Moon Sign to reveal human affairs:

Garga, Viddha Garga, Asita, Aryabhatta, Bhrigu, Brihaspathi, Badarayana, Baradwaja, Bhadalla Devaswami, Devala, Dravyavardhana, Garutman Jeevasaman, Kapila, Kanabuk, Kashyappa, Latacharya, Manu, Manitha, Maya, Parasara, Panlisa Pitamaha-Romaka, Rishiputa, Sidhasena, Simhacharya, Saka, Sapatharishi, Saraswataha, Savitra, Satyacharya, Sidhasena, Yavanachara, Varahamihira, Bathaothpala, Prithyuyasas, Vaidyanatha Dikshithar, and many others.

Thus, it can be seen that astrology was held in great esteem in all ages by the leaders in other sciences also.

As years passed by, for various reasons this science, which is to live long, and which will surely live long, has lost some of its charms. But science remains ever a science. In every age, a particular science alone receives much attention and is developed, even though every science has its own innate value and is useful to us.

Various Form of Astrology improved over time

No country had ever passed quiet without any advancement in any branch of science. So in every age any one science may be very popular, whereas the other sciences may be ignored, though not totally forgotten. It is unlikely that there are people even now whose names would come as a great surprise to all; there will be earnest and loyal student of astrology who will popularise astrology.

I am making all effort with a sincere desire that Astrology should be made popular. Much of research by various gurus is done regularly and systematically. Furthermore, it has to be carried out. There should be fool-proof methods to read accurate results. Claims of Astrology must gather scientific proof. Students of astrology with half-baked knowledge should be educated and imparted higher knowledge. Their doubts should be cleared. Those who bring ridicule to this noble science should be silenced by producing able astrologers who will give correct knowledge to them. It is one with correct and clear understanding of the subject one can predict astoundingly accurate results, and establish that the noble legacy of astrology, given to us by our forefathers, is indeed a science which is as accurate as any other science.

The present position of astrology, in the hands of a number of astrologers, is really deplorable. The excuse may be that there is no proper education to them and hence the result is unsatisfactory. Astrologers and a few other professionals usually offer different opinions, confusing the already depressed consultant. Astrology communities must develop to write astrology column to prove that in astrology real life predictions can be true indeed in popular media.

Is Nadi Astrology always true?

Some people feel sorry that they consulted Nadi Astrology written on palmyra leaves claimed to be writen by the ancient Rishis of India. It is a fact that the events in the lives of many persons born and yet to be born are found written already by Hindu genius. People who have consulted add that they are dumbfounded with the surprisingly accurate Astrological Predictions about the past events, but feel upset when the future events fail miserably. This is a common complaint.

Thousands of years ago, Rishis wrote these wonderful predictions. When they can be very correct in all the predictions from the time of birth of the native till the date of consultation, why they should fail in their future prediction cannot be explained. It needs proper investigation because there are large number of genuine Nadis and it is likely that a few may be unauthentic ones. The solution can be found easily if the palm leaves are handed over to the consultants, by the Indian Astrologer Community, who hold the leaves and read out the results, as if from them. If the palm leaves are given to the queriest and if the reading of the past and present and the alignment of stars should agree correctly, the future prospects must also be invariably correct when alone the Nadi can claim to be one of the genuine documents. Our sages who had written Nadis can never fail in their predictions and they have never failed, because of their intuitive power and scientific knowledge of astrology.

Horoscopes & The Science of Reading

It is not unlikely that a few readers of the palm leaves gain enough knowledge and experience in reciting verses, composed for themselves in no time. A few of them, when they read the past events, have to read very strictly the material as is found in the leaves, because the past has to be correct. Then only, the consultant will hear him further. But when the future is to be read, it is open to doubt as to whether he reads only those materials found on the levels or he himself coins verses suiting to the taste of the querist.

There is the doubt whether the authors, the sages, knew all languages including Tamil in South India as they lived in the North having Sanskrit as the Mother tongue and Nadis are found in all languages also whether they used paper and pen as some Nadis are found written on paper and pen and claimed to be original.

Whatever it is, there are records now to prove that astrology was practiced by lots of people, thousands of years ago who could predict even the birth dates and time of a native in 20th century, the place of his birth, names of his parents, occupations etc., and the events in his daily life; marriage, profession, foreign journey, property, conveyance, personality weaknesses, etc. They had profound knowledge of the magnetic field from the stars and the planets that are the fundamental forces to predict even daily events. Now it has deteriorated to a very great extent, like a multi-millionaire having a few hundreds in the bank. It is more or less a pitiable condition in India.

In fact, there is probably not one science which is not properly understood, which so many pretend to know, and on which so many are prepared to express an opinion as in the case of astrology.

Research will prove Astrology Real

Westerners are always research-minded. If they find any truth in any statement and if they are convinced, they study it further and develop it. It may be that there are failures. Yet they consider how it is possible to predict correctly in some cases, and why in other cases there is failure, and to find out the truth, they may research till something satisfactory is discovered.

Babylonians were observing the stars to study the Astronomical Phenomena for more than 473,000 years, so says Didorous in his writing in 30 B.C. and they still continue to observe, record and further improve their knowledge of Astrology Readings which is the complement of the other science, Astronomy.

Astrology - available data incomplete

Astrology today is incomplete and needs to be vastly supplemented. No one is in possession of all the knowledge about science of our sages, nor are we blessed with such a Guru who can impart correct scientific knowledge to the Scientific Community and the Astrological Community. Whatever we may have today is only a part of what they have left behind. A subject taught by a professor will be complete. We are not fortunate to have such an advantage in our life-time. So with what little literature we possess, we have to understand the fundamental principles of Astrology Solutions and then, by regular and strenuous work, develop Indian Astrology.

How to develop the influence of Astrology?

Another disadvantage is that in India there are many languages and the subjects are written mostly in verses. The first difficult is to translate them correctly into the respective languages and get them printed. Hence, all the books that are printed in Tamil, are not found in Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam. Some books in Gujarati are not available in Tamil, nor are they heard of by Tamilians.

In each language, only a few books are produced. Many are left out due to various reasons, the main one being the cost of printing and the lack of satisfactory encouragement from any source. Hence the ancient literature available in each place is incomplete like a torn-out dictionary. It is a part of the whole. This is one of the main reasons why we feel the need to have a study circle and do research.

It is our view that one should know the principles of astrology by studying all the available astrology books written by various authors, both Indian astrology and Western Astrology to broaden the influence of astrology. We have to collect horoscopes of different people especially twins, born at different times but in the same Latitude and Longitude, births in the same place at the same time, and births in different places having similar charts. They have to get particulars of actual facts from them, the nature of events that occurred, and the time of such events.

Every method of prediction is to be properly applied in order to see which method is satisfactory in explaining the events in a precise and correct manner. If certain method appears to offer diametrically opposite results, the astrologer gets an opportunity to do more research with the material available and find out the inner truth of astrology, bring in amendments, and suggest alternations to the original rules and supplement them by the findings which prove to be correct, when applied to them and other similar cases. Thus many research workers and publishers have to co-operate, and publish in the present common language English, or in all languages in India so that we can do real service to the public at large.

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