Is KP astrology accurate?

Yes. KP Astrology is the most accurate predictive astrology in the world.

Thu Jul 29, 2021

Say Yes to Accurate KP Astrology

Yes. KP Astrology is the most accurate predictive astrology in the world.

I first heard about KP Astrology in 2016 and decided to research into it. Within six months of research, I came to a conclusion that I must master the science of KP Astrology.

I learned KP Astrology under many gurus. I finally settled down with Prof. KSK Hariharan, son of Prof. K. S. Krishnamurti, the founder of KP Astrology. His teaching was clear. He had researched further about ruling planets and simplified it further for me to follow easily. I studied KP Astrology under him and eventually won the title Jyothish Bhaskara title from him. I collected 1000's of charts from people and wrote the world's largest rule book containing over 1600+ event rules from birth to death.

With KP System, How Uncover Secrets Of Your Life?

Do you want to uncover secrets of your life? Then you should try Kp system. Discover what kind of person you really are by using kp system. Get answers to questions like who am i?, why am i doing this?, where did i come from?, etc.

Learn how to use kp system to find out yourself better.

You want to know what kind of person you are so that you can make better decisions in life. Do you like yourself? What would happen if you were to die tomorrow? How will people remember you after you're dead? These questions may seem morbid, but they help you understand who you truly are.

The answers aren't always straightforward. Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether someone likes themselves because they think they look good or because they actually feel good inside. And sometimes we just don't know how others will remember us when we're no longer here.

Our KP system helps you uncover secrets from your past by asking you questions based on your personality traits. This gives you insights into your character and allows you to see where you stand compared to others.

Is KP astrology wrong?

No. KP Astrology is accurate. But, astrologers and their predictions can sometimes go wrong. I too have 5 to 10% inaccuracy in my predictions. I believe it is because of my lack of understanding in some areas.

What is more accurate between Vedic astrology and KP astrology?

KP Astrology is more accurate when compared to Vedic astrology. KP system is based on cuspal sub lord theory Cuspal sub lord changes even within a minute. Let us look at an example of twins.

Twin Elder Sister was born on 13 April 2001 at 11:55 a.m. in Cuttack

Natal Chart of the Twin Elder Sister is shown below:

The Twin younger sister was born on 13 April 2001 at 11:56 a.m. in Cuttack, a minute later than the elder sister.

Natal Chart of the Twin Younger Sister is shown below:

All planets remains in same houses, same rasis, same stars. If you go with traditional Hindu astrology, you will find no difference in their lives.

Now, let us see the houses chart for both.

Houses Chart for Elder Sister:

Houses Chart for Younger Sister:

4th Cuspal Sub Lord for the elder sister is Mercury but for the younger sister, it is Ketu.

The elder sister will be very serious about learning process and will go deep into researching topics and memorising the lessons. She will go through certain difficulties related to fourth house, for example, in school education but the younger sister will be super successful.

This major difference will never be found using traditional Hindu astrology system.

Why KP chart is different?

KP Chart follows a cuspal sub lord system. Houses and planets are accurately marked to the specific degree, degree minutes and degree seconds.

For example, in the KP chart in the above example the planetary positions are precisely marked in the table below:

Mercury, the cuspal sub lord of the 4th Bhava is in star of Revati owned by Mercury in the Zodiac Pisces owned by Jupiter. Hence, Mercury will give the results of Mercury's deposition and ownership. Mercury is posited in the 9th house and owns 12th. Both are non-improving bhavas resulting in the elder sister taking her school education seriously. She will also be unsuccessful in real estate investments and owning houses and lands.

Let us see another example of how to predict your career accurately.

How can I predict my career in KP astrology accurately?

In this example of twins, both sisters will follow a similar professional career. Divine guidance of their 10th Bhava cuspal sub lord is Venus. Accuracy of predictions depend entirely on Venus.

Venus is posited in Pisces Zodiac owned by in Uthrapatrabadha owned by Saturn. Saturn signifies 7, 8, 9, 11. Saturn will make their career successful since it is in the house of 11 but only after causing a series of problem related to their professions since it signifies 7 - the house of enmity, 8 - the house of difficulty, and 9 - the house negating profession. They will face their career peak during the Vimshottari Dasha of Venus dasa Saturn Bhukthi or Saturn Dasa Venus Bhukthi.

Only KP system of astrology allows accurate and proper evaluation of the horoscopes.

The KP System of Astrology is more precise and accurate than the traditional methods and it helps uncover the future mysteries and opportunities in life.

Major Difference between Vedic & KP Systems of Astrology

The advanced version of Vedic astrology, known as Krishnamurti Paddhati, has more accuracy and less rules. The House Division is done as per the Placidus System in KP and the House division of Vedic system follows Sripat Paddhati system. Start of the Cusp is considered to be the starting point in Krishnamurthi Paddhati system.

These are some differences between Vedic astrology and KP astrology. At the point when you Learn Astrology, you can be more clear about these distinctions.

  • In Traditional astrology, the expectations appear to be the equivalent for individuals brought into the world with the same Lagna/Rasi. However, in reality, they don't have similar character characteristics.
  • Traditional astrology is utilized to anticipate the future as per the difference in houses, while KP astrology predicts future occasions through cups (the interfacing hubs of two houses).
  • KP astrology offers significance to the Stars or Nakshatras or Constellation divisions of the Zodiac and that fills the ideal need for exactness.
  • They are additionally separated into 9 divisions and named 'SUBS'. These are not equivalent in Traditional astrology, yet they are equivalent on account of KP astrology.
  • KP astrology utilizes K.P. Ayanamsa rather than Lahiri Ayanamshas which is by and large utilized in the Vedic System. These two vary by 6 minutes.
  • According to KP astrology, the planets in their Dasha give results according to their Nakshatra Lord rather than the planet itself.
  • Sub lord theory provide accurate predictions. Birth chart done in a traditionally manner will not give good predictive results.
  • In KP Stellar Astrology exact time of birth can be easily calculated using the Ruling Planets and Birth Time Rectification. It is not possible in traditional system.
  • KP follows the simplest techniques available for anyone to become a good astrologer. The system is updated with the improvements done in Western Astrology.
  • Exact quality of Married life was predicted by Shri K. S. Krishnamurti using significator house calculation. Experienced astrologers and Western astrologers find Sri K.S. Krishnamurti system of astrology simple and easy to follow.
  • Precise Moments in life can be easily calculated using Krishnamurthy Paddhati. Individual planet positions are calculated degree wise that play a significant role in accuracy of predictions.
  • Natural significations of planets are not given must importance by Professor KP. He believed that Astrological signification of planets are based on the stars in which they are posited.
  • Zodiac sign is only used as a tool for analysis of few predictions such as status of missing person, nature of profession, etc.
  • 1-249 Sub Numbers are used for predictive horary system of astrology. Professor build a repository of rules based on his extensive research and astrological knowledge. His 1-249 Sub Numbers have been proven to be the master key to Astrological Predictions. Absence of birth details do not affect predictions.
  • Accurate Astrology Programs in Hindu astrology require birth time. In KP system, Prashna Astrology will provide precise results. For example, astrological solutions to job (sixth bhava cusp sign) is decided by the star of the cuspal sub lord and its signification. Ancient Astrology Methods do not provide a clear approach to astrology predictions.
  • Time of Frutification of an event is easily possible using the RP system given by the genius Shri Krishnamurti. In Indian ancient astrological systems, acclaimed astrologers and accomplished astrologers with deep knowledge end up with considerable differences in their predictions because their methods of analysis varies. Their astrological analysis do not consider constellational significations.
  • KP system provides accurate calculations to the last degree, minute, and second.

Krish Murali Eswar
Master in Astrology, Vastu Sasthra, Kayakalpa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga.

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