Limitations of Astrology

Astrology helps you to gain strength to face life. It will not solve your problems. You need to face your Karma.

Thu Jun 24, 2021

Astrology-its use and Limitations

Astrology is a highly respected science; no other method of divination is worthy of mention.

If life's journey can be compared to that of crossing a river, the astrologer can be compared to an experienced boatman. Let us take the experience of one who is crossing a river. When one crosses the river by wading, he finds that the depth of water is increasing. At one stage, when he realises that the current is too strong, he is afraid and unnerved.

Luckily, for him a boatman is sighted. He called the boat man and asks, "Sir, can you kindly tell me whether the river is getting deeper and I have to struggle further, or will it be less deep hereafter, so that I can cross the river without fears.

The boatman who possesses sufficient knowledge replies, "There is no need for fear. You have taken this route (which is your fate). The depth will increase as you proceed only for a short distance. Then fortunately for you, you will meet with a rocky stratra where the water will be shallow and thereafter there is no need for anxiety. So, you may carry on".

The traveller gets courage to cross with confidence even the deeper course. Is he not free from anxiety from the moment the boatman gives him the correct knowledge which the passenger does not possess. The boatman does not give him a life to cross the river by taking him in his boat. He only gives him the knowledge, whereby he gains mental strength. Similarly, the astrologer by his prediction can gave the knowledge of the dark future.

Complaints to the Astrologer

Suppose one complains to the astrologer : "I can't understand why God does not help me to get married. I am 37. I am worried, I doubt whether God who created me has completely forgotten my existence. Why do I continue to live alone, I don't know.

The astrologer replies, "Sir, you are destined to marry only at the age of 38. Please wait; you will have your turn only then. However much you try, you can't get married earlier. Saturn delays it till you get dejected".

"Thanks very much. At least you have offered mental solace to me," he says and proceeds on his course.

The Astrologer has given only mental strength.

He has not relieved him of his worry by offering a girl.

Another may come and say, "Sir, the pressure from Bank and bankers is unbearable. Such thoughts, as to why I should not commit suicide and put an end to this trouble always flash in my mind. What do you find in my horoscope? Is there any ray of hope to be free from these worries?"

The astrologer says : "However much you try you can't clear the loans for a year to come. The bankers will be pressing you. You will somehow manage to give excuses. Days will pass on; next year you will be all right, your finance will improve so much that you will be able to even lend assistance to others. You may not believe me now. At that time, you will remember astrology."

No doubt, the querist feels as though he has cleared the loan. (No astrologer will give a cheque and give relief, even, if the querist, in his confused state of mind mentioned that suicide would solve this problem easily).

Astrologer offers mental strength

Thus interpreted in all correctness, a knowledge of astrology does afford mental strength to the feeble and weak-minded, solace to the depressed, peace to the anxious and worried and steadiness to those who are wavering the vacillating in mind. It is a common experience that when troubles come, they come in battalions and the afflicted person gets solace from this knowledge that the time is not far off when his or her troubles would cease to exist. A full fledged astrologer, capable of handling the subject with meticulous care, helps in no small measure to dispel the fears in the querist's mind and braces him up to face the future with confidence and hope.

The astrologer helps one to have a glimpse of the unknown future; the knowledge of Destiny in store for one, stands one in good stead in surmounting difficulties that present themselves. This early knowledge renders it possible for one to reconcile himself to the situation one finds himself in, and any severe disapointment is unlikely since one is briefed as to when one can cherish hopes and the extent one can do so. When Dame Fortune smiles and the world appears to be full of roses, few have any use for the science or for the saying "Man proposes and God disposes". With the frowning of fortune, egoism mellows down, and becomes subdued. The knowledge gained through the Science helps one to be level-headed under any circumstances whether affluent or adverse.

The knowledge of the future prompts one to render help to those who are in need, banish evil thoughts from the mind and make efforts to lead a simple, honest and pious life. The saying "Do your duty - with sincerity and leave the result to God" holds out a more forceful appeal. Astrology proves that success or failure depends on our previous Karma; sufferings are due to sins committed previously and this thought helps us to be good to society, repeatedly saying, "It is probably because of some sin committed by me in the previous birth I suffer now; let me not do harm in this Iife at least to anybody".

Astrology & Karma - Inequality in life

The only thing which enjoys a fair distribution in every land is worry. Rich or poor, man or woman, every individual has his or her allotted quota of worry. Peace of mind is what everybody wants and nobody gets. Let us consider a few types of curses or ill-fate and how each one is worried.

A rich landlord secures tons of rice at every harvest, but is unable to take a bowl of cooked rice as he suffers from diabetes. Be curses his fate.

He who runs a group of High Class Hotels caters delicious food of all varieties to his customers and he has to content himself with it ; for he cannot consume even a bit of it himself since he suffers from blood pressure or colic pains.

An emaciated and thin-looking person with an income barely sufficient for the maintenance of two adults is blessed with enough children to form a cricket team of his own, while a very well-to-do neighbour in the best of health has none and the latter is depressed and does not know when be can have one.

A supremely intelligent person, who had been scoring top marks in the school, is forced by circumstances to serve in later life under one who is extremely dull-witted and is looked upon as a symbol of backwardness. The intelligent person earns a meagre income and carries out the order of the dull-witted. When he can have bright days is his worry.

A young girl with no grace or charm, gets married, but her neighbour who is very beautiful and rich with all the required qualifications for marriage, continues to be on the waiting list, forlorn and unhappy, in spite of serious attempts by relatives and friends. Will not they be in peace if they are informed by the astrologer with her destiny is and when they can fulfill their desire.

Thus it is observed that every person has bit or her share of trials and tribulations in life. If there is assuredly one science that lifts the load off your mind and enables you to face the future with confidence and hope, it is astrology.

The science of astrology alone explains why everyone has some worry or other and also why there is so much of inequalities in life and offers mental solace. The fundamental basis of astrology is Karma and Re-incarnation.

The whole world is a huge theatre. The cinema of life goes on for ever. Every individual is an actor. The past, the present, and the future are already fixed in the roll of the films. The future will be shown in the same order without any alteration, and we enjoy or suffer as time passes on without any modification. The roll of film already taken is according to the Karma done by us in the previous birth and the story is the result in this birth and it cannot be changed.

Karma is a Sanskrit word, "Kri" means 'action' or 'deed'. Any mental or physical action is called Karma; every action produces its reaction or result which is known as Karma. Thus Karma includes both the action and the result governed by the irresistible law of 'Causation'.

So under the law Karma, there is nothing as a chance or an accident. The so-called chances and accidents are reality the products of some definite causes which we may not be aware of before-hand.

That which appears to be accidental or providential to a non-astrological mind is a natural and inevitable incident to an astrologer. Hence, chances, luck or misfortune are governed absolutely by the law of Causation or Karma. God is neither partial nor unjust, and everything happens according to one's action in the previous birth. Man is completely a puppet in the hands of certain higher agencies. Karma and reincarnation are like a seed growing into a tree which beam fruits yielding seeds which in turn produce more trees. The seed is the Karma. The growth of the tree is the life. As is the seed, so will be the plant that springs out of it.

If one sows paddy, one cannot get wheat. When one sows orange one cannot get apple. Everyone creates his own destiny. One should realise that, it is because of his own Karma, he suffers. The doctrine of Karma alone explains and reconciles man to the terrible and apparent injustice of life. The knowledge prevents him from cursing life or fellow beings or God.

Only the divine of Karma can explain why people suffer, although they might not have done anything wrong in this life, and they may explain that the stars are bad and that they do not deserve any kind of trouble. Most of us believe that the planets do not cause luck or ill luck. They only indicate the trend of events in our life. The cause is our Karma. It fructifies by the will of God. Without our previous Karma, God who love us all, who is just and impartial, will not give different results to the people who are His children, or cause troubles to them. You can compare God to rain water which is pure. Rain water enables the seeds to sprout and grow. But some alone thrive, and some die out. This is due to the inherent potency of the seeds.

Astrology explains what Karma one should have done in the previous birth and what he should experience in this birth and when.

A surveyor can say that the rain in Mercara will take the course of the river Cauvery and that in Rishikesh will take the course of the Ganges. These course are earmarked, So also astrology can offer predictions and also classify those who will try to mitigate the afflictions or augment one's luck and who will not make any attempt at all. Every event will take them by surprise.

Astrology & Destiny

Destiny is the inevitable and unavoidable occurrence of events in one's life which is not all under the control of the person but is directed by the Almighty according to His Original Judgment passed on the consideration of the Karma done by the person in the previous birth which is known only to His Almighty. It can be predicted by a wise astrologer. The belief that one can modify or nullify the results of Destiny by exercising his will is not correct.

Natal astrology as propounded by the ancient sages is a convincing science, having its foundations of Karma theory; it should be possible for the astrologer who interprets it, to read out from the chart, the circumstances under which one is placed, his normal expectations, whether one will make attempts to hoodwink destiny and ultimately the nature of the result and the time of event. It is only when the knowledge of astrology gained by one is limited and the interpreter is not fully aware of Karma theory, he gives, importance to self-will and offers advice; he later understands that the native followed his suggestions and ultimately he enjoyed desirable results. He attributes all these to self-will. But he does not realise that what he predicted was incomplete. He has not properly under-stood the present, the circumstances under which one will be placed, what attempts one will make to alter it by exercising one's will and the ultimate result. Actually everything is found in the horoscope.

Attributing to self-well is no thing but attachment of importance to one's will and one's own self. Astrology clearly shows that man is postulated as the subject of a certain destiny and human endeavour as the fulfilling of fate.

It may be said, more as a compromise, that man is both a slave of the effects of his past deeds and is a free agent as regards his deeds which are in no way directed to thwart, arrest, alter or in any way modify or remould the effects of his past Karma. The past, the present and the future are all recorded as explained previously in the cine film. The stars and the planets in their course denote our destinies, not only those fulfilled in the past but also those lying stored up for us in the future.

Astrology and Fate - The Inevitable Happens

Able astrologers who have specialised in any branch of the science can boldly declare an event without and doubt and can go to the extent of taking a challenge that a particular result must happen, mentioning also the time of the event. The following few remarkable examples will convince the readers.

1. Astrology Came True for King Vikramathithy

King Vikramathithya had many astrologers in his court. Of them, Mihira was an intellectual giant and the most renowned. He was admired and held in great reverence, not only by Vikramathithya but also by his colleagues and the general public. The King had a son. Mihira cast the horoscope of the Prince.

Other astrologers also prepared the boy's horoscope using different systems of calculation-Nirayana, Drik Ganitha, etc. Kalidas and Vararuchi were in favour of the author of Panchasiddantika and hence followed Siddhanta or Nirayana. Whichever system others followed, all of them gave their opinion that the Prince would have an anxious time at the age of 18. On the nature of the danger and the cause of death of the Prince, they were not unanimous. Others were of the opinion that his Prince might lose his life due to the injuries inflicted by an animal while hunting. But the most learned and wise Varahamihira who enjoyed the blessing of Lord Adhitya, and had Divya Drishti and Vaksiddhi predicted clearly and boldly that the prince would be killed by a Varaha, i.e, a boar at a particular hour on a particular date.

He also said that no human remedies could avert the danger and save him from the jaws of death and that this unpleasant incident could not be altered. He said "AVASYAM ANUBOKTHAVYAM KRITHAM KARMA SUBHASUBHAM", that the Prince could not survive even if all the precautions were taken.

Years passed. The Prince was maintaining robust health. His surroundings were well guarded even some months prior to the eventful day.

On the morning of the fateful day, the King held a Durhar. A huge crowed was anxiously awaiting. The king requested Varahmihira to verify his calculations and confirm whether the fateful hour would be the same 5-00 p.m. on that day as predicted previously. All had their own doubts, because very precaution was taken by the King. No wild boar or wild animal could have any chance of gaining access to the Prince's palace which was very well protected by a huge army of vigilant warriors.

The Prince was asked to take his seat in the seventh floor, and all the staircases were fully guarded: The King was confident that his son was safe. So he asked Varahamihira how could his son die from injuries, inflicted by a boar, when none would be allowed into the palace and especially when no animal could enter at all. He again requested him to reconsider deeply about his original prediction. The King also declared that he would award the Emblem of the Royal Title 'Varaha' to Mihira, if the prediction would prove to be true because the-King wanted to honour this science.

Some minutes passed absolute silence prevailed. The whole crowd was eagerly observing Mihira to hear his verdict. Varahamihira said that he was devoted to Sun God and he is blessed with Vak Siddhi. No mistakes could be committed. Death from the injuries inflicted by a boar was predicted from the Prince's horoscope without any shadow of doubt. That was the penalty announced by the planets in the chart according to Karma done by the Prince in his previous birth. He repeated that the results of the past cruel Karma speak out through the planetary position of the time of birth.

Therefore one should be prepared for the worst in spite of all possible efforts made to hoodwink destiny.

People, who gathered there, were confident that nothing could happen in such strictly guarded palace.

At frequent Intervals a warrior was asked to given information about the Prince's health. Reports that he was hale and healthy were received all right regularly. At 5 p.m. one warrior reported that the Prince was all right and the place was peaceful. Sometime later another soldier brought the same news. But Varahamihira did not agree. He calmly said to the King that the Prince had died at the stipulated time and it would be advisable if they would verify. The King kept quiet. Another soldier, after some time, came to the assembly and told that the place was calm and there was no disturbance at all.

The King began to doubt the prediction, and again said to Mihira whether there could be any mistake in his calculation. Mihira reiterated that he was dead at the moment tie predicted. He further mentioned boldly that the Prince was lying dead in a pool of blood; probably the watchman and the companions might not have noticed it. He suggested and persuaded the King to go and see for himself. The King with some important officers went up the stairs, one after another. The King reached the 7th floor. The companions of the Prince were deeply absorbed in playing games and did not notice the arrival of the King. One enquiry the King understood that the Prince had been playing with them all along and that only a little while ago, he had gone out to the adjacent open terrace.

All quickly stepped into the open terrace. Oh God! What a horror! To their great grief, the Prince was lying dead in a pool of blood. They found that his body was injured by the front claw of an artificial boar. Thus God's will, according to the Karma of the Prince, fructified, as indicated by the planets, without being averted by the efforts of the King and his subjects. Therefore all events in our life are actually beyond our control and we have to submit ourselves quietly and suffer the consequences of our previous Karma.

When the place was constructed, the architect erected a flag staff and fixed an artificial boar made of iron and mortar at the top of the palace eyes, as all the towers in his kingdom had this Royal Emblem. To none, it struck that this artificial boar might-be-the ca use of the death.

The Prince Just before 5.00 p.m. felt uneasy. He went to the open terrace to have fresh air. Exactly at 5.00 p.m. a strong wind broke the post into two and the Boar fell down. It fell straight on the chest of the Prince. The injury was so deep that the terrible loss of blood resulted in his immediate collapse.

Julius Caesar's Death & Astrology Prediction

The prediction of the Soothsayer given to Julius Caesar warning aim that on 15th March then was danger to his life as Ides of March were there, proved to be correct. Julius Ceasar by staying at home could have avoided it. But this evil incident, which is to happen, induced Brutus to persuade Caesar and take him to the Senate. God gave one more chance to Caesar to pay respect to the prediction. On the way, Caesar again met the Soothsayer who previously predicted the danger, Caesar said to him "Ides of March are come", i.e., 15th March was on and the prediction did pot come true. The Soothsayer calmly, and with confidence replied "Ay ! Caesar, but not gone", ie., 15th March was not yet over. Actually in a few hours, Ceasar was killed by Brutus and the end of Caesar could not be prevented by anybody's will or action; stars give correct indication to correct the nonbelievers.

"Whosoever may be adopted to any Particular event or pursuit will Assuredly have, the Star indicative Thereof very potent in his nativity" - Ptolemy

Astrology Prediction Came True for Emperor Pareekshit

The Emperor Pareekshit went to the forest and was tired after hunting. He was feeling very thirsty. He got into Angira's Rishi's ashramam. He was not honoured and attended to immediately by the Sage. He lost his temper. He took the dead skin of a snake, kept it round the neck of the Rishi and returned home. This was found out by the Rishi's son a little later. The boy cursed - rather predicted - that the person who committed this folly would die on the seventh day by snake bite. The King came to know of this curse. He tried to avoid it.

Prayers to Lord Krishna, spending all the hours of the day by hearing Bagavatham alone, shifting his place of residence and taking all care, could not help him to out-live the time predicted.

Taksaka, the King of the Snakes, bit him and thus ended the life of the Emperor Pareekshit as told by the son of the sage.

Here is an explanation for the astrological principle that, whenever Saturn and Kethu conjoin, there is evil. (Saturn, stands for "Mouni" or Rishi, and Kethu stands for the Poisonous snake). This example is given to show that even after knowing the nature and time of the event, however mighty one may be could not alter it.

"Whatever betides, by Destiny it is done: And better bear like men than vainly seek to shun" - Dryden

Even Suicide is Possible only if it is indicated in Astrology Chart

One may try to commit suicide; yet he will survive if this end is not indicated by his birth chart. One person was very unfortunate. He married an arrogant, adamant and atrocious wife. She was always argumentative, aggressive and avaricious. He found it impossible to get on with her. He decided to commit suicide. He went to the sea to end his life. He was a good swimmer. He thought that when he was about to be drowned, the waves might carry him to the shore or he himself would swim and save his life.

He walked along the beach. He found a big tree very near the sea, in an unfrequented place. He took a long rope, climbed up the tree and tied the rope to the branch which was over-banging the sea. While making a loop at the other end, he thought that he would suffer much when the rope would throttle his neck. So, he came home, took some Intoxicating drug to deaden the pain. Again, a doubt arose whether he would die or survive.

He became bold, took a revolver, loaded it and walked straight to the tree. He adjusted the rope, put on the loop, gave a kick to the branch of the tree and straight down he fell. While falling, the fired; because of the jerk he missed the aim. The bullet, instead of hitting his forehead, severed the rope. He plunged into the sea and went to deep that he swallowed a few mouthfuls of the brackish sea water which brought out the intoxicating poison. He swam the sea came to the shore and became wiser than before.

Look ! He tried to hang himself, get drowned in the sea, poisoned himself to die and also used his revolver. What happened? He escaped from all these methods of committing suicide. Why? Because, he has to live in this world until his end comes according to Prarabdha, i.e., Destiny.

Destinty is presaged. Astrology Shows the truth

Destiny is unalterable and astrological predictions correctly presaged must come true. Can anyone offer any other explanation for the following except that all were due to their stars, otherwise called "Fate". "Destiny", or "Karma?".

(1) Rama to go to forest, to fight with Ravana and then only Have His coronation, attended by Hanuman.

(2) Dharmaputhra to lose even Droupathi in the games and she to be put to shame, etc.

(3) Nalan to play games, bet, lose everything, go to forest, desert his wife Damayanthi, that too, at dead of night and serve as a cook.

(4) Pattinathar, a sage, who relinquished all his wealth, etc., and came out to spend a strict spiritual life, was wrongly accused of theft and taken to the gallows.

If we judge without any prejudice from what Pattinathar and other; had empathically said we find the unshakable truth.

"Oh ! Lord ! Nothing is in my hands, all happen according to your decree. In this birth, to the best of my knowledge, I have not even dreamt of any evil to anybody nor committed any sin at all. Even then, if I am punished now, for no fault of mine, I realise and declare that this is only due to the Karma I might have done in the previous birth".

Therefore Natal astrology is one of the branches of this Science with proves beyond doubt that the results we enjoy, experience, or hear are all due to our previous Karma.

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