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"To become a millionaire, you need luck. If you wish to be a billionaire, you need an astrologer.

Astrology is a pure science, but, unfortunately, a dying science. There is truth in astrology but there is very little truth in astrologers nowadays. Many people claim to be astrologers but only a few can truly claim to be good astrologers.

Billions of people believe in astrology. See the image below for proof of number of Google searches for just a few top keywords.

People are searching using 111,034 unique keywords in Google. See the image below:

You can imagine the keen interest. Don't you want to learn astrology and start predicting and become financially free.

A good astrology course should cover the following lessons:

  • 12 Zodiacs
  • 9 Planets
  • 27 Stars
  • Cuspal significance
  • Significance of Stars
  • Lords of zodiacs and their significance
  • Lords of stars and their significance
  • Lord of cuspal sub and their significance
  • Natural characteristics of Zodiacs
  • Natural characteristics of Stars
  • Natural characteristics of Plants
  • Acquired characteristics of Planets from Stars and Zodiacs
  • Ayanamsa or Ephemeris system
  • Planets Exaltation and Debilitation
  • Characteristics of Sun
  • Characteristics of Moon
  • Characteristics of Mars
  • Characteristics of Mercury
  • Characteristics of Jupiter
  • Characteristics of Venus
  • Characteristics of Saturn
  • Characteristics of Rahu & Ketu the Nodes
  • Rules of Astrology
  • Prediction Rules
  • 12 Bhavas (or Houses) and their characteristics
  • Lagna Bhava
  • Second Bhava
  • Third Bhava
  • Fourth Bhava
  • Fifth Bhava
  • Sixth Bhava
  • Seventh Bhava
  • Eighth Bhava
  • Ninth Bhava
  • Tenth Bhava
  • Eleventh Bhava
  • Twelfth Bhava
  • How to understand Planets in Bhavas?
  • Sun signifying 12 Bhavas
  • Moon signifying 12 Bhavas
  • Mars signifying 12 Bhavas
  • Mercury signifying 12 Bhavas
  • Jupiter signifying 12 Bhavas
  • Venus signifying 12 Bhavas
  • Saturn signifying 12 Bhavas
  • Rahu & Ketu signifying 12 Bhavas
  • What are Benefic and Malefic Planets?
  • How to identify Benefic and Malefic Planets?
  • What are Ruling Planets?
  • How to identify fruitful ruling planets?
  • Shortcut prediction methods
  • Horary Astrology Methods
  • Natal Chart preparation methods
  • List of astrology software to use

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Don't miss the opportunity to become an astrologer today and comfortably earn a living doing what you love most.

Be Blessed,
Prof. Krish Murali Eswar.Astrology

Krish Murali Eswar
Professor in Astrology, Vastu Sasthra, Kundalini Yoga and Kayakalpa Yoga

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